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In this unprecedented time, the traditional methods of marketing your business have ground to a halt. With social distancing, gone are the days of heading to conferences, attending networking events, or gaining clients through speaking engagements. And with more people turning to social media, how do you pierce through? Nothing puts you heads and shoulders above your competition more swiftly or credibility than being in the media. And instead of having those opportunities shrink in this unique moment, they're actually exploding. So how do you get there?

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Invest five days to learn how to craft the perfect media pitch and leave with the key skill you'll need to generate greater visibility and ultimately, profitability in your business, even in these uncertain times.


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Day 1: Navigating the Media Landscape Through the Current Crisis

In the past few weeks it feels like everything has changed, but one thing that hasn't, is the power of the media. In fact, if anything media platforms have become that much more critical in the lives of Americans who are now spending most of their time at home. So how do you navigate this new normal so that your message pierces through? I'll tell you how.

Day 2: Finding the Best Media Opportunities for You Now

While in the midst of a crisis, much of the media narrative shifts to cover that crisis. But there are still COUNTLESS opportunities that go beyond crisis coverage and land straight into the media consumption habits of those who STILL need what you have to offer.

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Day 3: The Secret to Selecting Topics the Media LOVES

I know it's heartbreaking to admit, but just because you're in love with an idea doesn't mean the media will be. Learn what angles give you the most bang for your buck to attract the media attention you crave.

Day 4: Cut to the Core of Your Pitch

On Day 4 we'll cut straight to the core and get down to the nitty gritty of drafting the meat of your pitch. How do you express your big idea succintly, powerfully, and in a way that gets to yes? I'll show you how.

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Day 5: Design Your Media Bio

Exit your pitch like a pro by including a succinct description of your expert bonifides. On Day 5 you'll cross that hurdle by crafting your media bio..

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Who's Behind this Masterclass?

Dr. Avis, your Media Monetization Mentor, has over 20 years of media experience under her belt.  Appearing in television, radio, and podcasts, as well as in major on-line and print publications, Dr. Avis has literally done it all.  But it wasn’t until she made the shift from non-profit executive to entrepreneur that she became intentional about developing a system to quickly and strategically leverage the power of media to accelerate business growth.  That strategy ultimately allowed her to swiftly move her business from the start-up phase to piercing her first six-figures in less than nine months.  Over the years, she’s used her media monetization techniques for everything from attracting highly lucrative speaking engagements to driving book sales and even capturing high-dollar corporate contracts.  She now teaches others how to make the critical link from visibility to profitability through strategically leveraging the power of media to grow their businesses and elevate their brands, all while making some serious bank!