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What's the biggest threat to your business? Obscurity. Nothing cuts through the noise of social media or puts you heads and shoulders above your competition more swiftly or credibility than having your business featured in the media. But how do you get there? It's all about the pitch, Baby! Invest five days with me to learn how to craft the perfect media pitch and leave with the key skill you'll need to generate greater visibility and ultimately, profitability in your business in 2020 and beyond.


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5 days. 5 lessons. 1 perfectly crafted pitch you can use NOW to get more media, attract more leads, and make more BANK!

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Day 1: Learn Why All Media Ain't Good Media and How to Determine What Platforms are Best for You!

From the start it's important to know that the goal isn't to get ANY media, it's to strategically attract the right media that aligns with your goals and the outcomes you hope to receive through increased visibility. On day one we'll determine what this looks like for you so your efforts can be both focused and effective..

Day 2: Discover the Secrets to Selecting Topics that Media Gatekeepers Love

I know it's heartbreaking to admit, but just because you're in love with an idea doesn't mean the media will be. Learn what angles give you the most bang for your buck to attract the media attention you crave.

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Day 3: Craft Your Click-Bait Worthy Subject Line

The first hurdle you have to overcome with you pitch is making sure that of the hundreds of e-mails decision-makers receive, yours will be among the few that will actually get opened. What's the best way to make sure that happens? By learning how to make your subject line as irresistable as possible. 

Day 4: Cut to the Core of Your Pitch

On Day 4 we'll cut straight to the core and get down to the nitty gritty of drafting the meat of your pitch. How do you express your big idea succintly, powerfully, and in a way that gets to yes? I'll show you how.

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Day 5: Design Your Media Bio

Exit your pitch like a pro by including a succinct description of your expert bonifides. On Day 5 you'll cross that hurdle by crafting your media bio..

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Who's behind this Masterclass?

Dr. Avis, your Media Monetization Mentor, has over 20 years of media experience under her belt. Appearing in television, radio and podcasts, as well as on-line and print publications, Dr. Avis has literally done it all. But when she made the shift from non-profit executive to entrepreneur six years ago, she immediately leveraged the power of media to attract the quality clients necessary to scale her business past the six-figure mark in less than 9 short months. Since then, she's also used the power of the media for everything from driving book sales to attracting paid speaking engagements. She now teaches others how to make the critical link between visibility and profitability to grow their businesses and elevate their brands, all while making serious bank!