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5 Days. 5 Lessons. 1 perfectly crafted pitch you can use NOW to get more media, drive more leads, and make more BANK!

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Lesson 1: Leverage Media to Maximize Your Marketing as a Coach or Consultant

In every economy it makes sense to stretch your marketing power through the media. But in down economies, it's not only wise, it's crucial. Learn how to get millions of Media impressions FOR FREE allowing you to market like a BOSS with ZERO ad costs. Why? Because it's not about getting famous, it's about getting PAID.

Lesson 2: SelectTopics the Media LOVES

I know it's heartbreaking to admit, but just because you're in love with an idea doesn't mean the media will be. Learn what issues are most likely to attract media attention and how you can position what you do in a way that attracts the media attention you know you deserve.

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Lesson 3: Land TOP Media Opportunities for You & Your Biz

In Lesson 3, let's face it. All media isn't created equal. Learn the secrets to getting media hits in spaces that instantly elevate your brand, establish your credibility and attract high-paying clients like a magnet.

Lesson 4: Craft The Perfect Media Pitch

In Lesson 4 we'll cut straight to the core and get down to the nitty-gritty of drafting your media pitch. How do you express your big idea succinctly, powerfully, and in a way that gets to yes? I'll show you how.

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Lesson 5: Elevate Your Mind to Elevate Your Money to Millions

You need an unbreakable mindset to be prepared to be seen by millions and to make millions. In today's lesson, I'll show you how...

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Drive More Leads, Make More BANK

"I made 120K in 120 days, followed by a $100,000 MONTH and not only appeared on television, Sirius XM radio, podcasts and in publications, I also started my own magazine! "

- Michelle (Tampa, FL)

"I blew right past my years-long revenue plateau in my business and am on target for my first million-dollar year!"

- Dr. DeShawn (Phoenix, AZ)

"I went from making a fraction of what I deserved in my business to snagging a $124,000 DAY!"

- Blossom (Atlanta, GA)

"I went from making $35,000 months in my business to snagging $100,000 weeks!"

- Tess (Houston, TX)

"My business grew from under $25,000 to over $200,000 right in the heart of the Pandemic."

- Sharon (New York, NY)

"I started a brand new business and made $25,000 in sales in just one WEEK!"

- Angela (Washington, DC)

Who's Behind the Perfect Media Pitch Business Intensive?

Dr. Avis, your Media to Millions Mentor & Business Elevation Strategist, has over 20 years of media experience under her belt.  Appearing in television, radio, and podcasts, as well as in major on-line and print publications, Dr. Avis has literally done it all.  But it wasn’t until she made the shift from non-profit executive to entrepreneur that she became intentional about developing a system to quickly and strategically leverage the power of media to accelerate business growth.  That strategy ultimately allowed her to swiftly move her business from the start-up phase to piercing her first six-figures in less than nine months.  Over the years, she’s used her media monetization techniques for everything from attracting highly lucrative speaking engagements to driving book sales and even capturing high-dollar corporate contracts.  She now helps entrepreneurs make six, multi-six figure and even 7-Figure breakthroughs in their business by learning how to make the critical link from visibility to profitability through strategically leveraging the power of media to grow their businesses elevate their brands, and make serious bank!